Russ Hodge

After going through this presentation, your nonprofit will be fully equipped to transform your Board into the pro-active partner they should be in enacting your mission and vision. The presentation centers around a term we at The Hodge Group have trademarked, Hyper-Philanthropy, and instructs participants on how to create a hyper-philanthropic atmosphere as it relates to your Board. Hyper Philanthropy refers to communities, organizations, and institutions that have truly accelerated philanthropy through culture, and this presentation will instruct nonprofits on how to shape that culture. You will learn about transformational shifts impacting the culture of nonprofits and how an organization can learn to not just adapt, but thrive, in response to those shifts. You will also learn some specific techniques to create a philanthropic culture within your community, and especially within your Board. Cultural currency dictates a nonprofit’s success or failure within its broader community, and we at The Hodge Group pride ourselves on being able to inform an organization on how to spend wisely.

COVID 19 Coffee Chats

Join your fellow fundraisers for the opportunity to talk about your fundraising efforts in the midst of COVID-19.  As we maneuver these challenging times, these monthly chats will provide an informal space for us to connect, air our ideas, successes and challenges with others who share our specific job functions.  Who is doing what, where, when and how?  Come and find out! You are welcome to attend as many as you’d like!

Special Events & Sponsorships - January 7 @ 11am

Grants - January 12 @ 10am

Major Gifts & Planned Giving - January 5 @ 10am

Annual Giving & Direct Mail - January 28, @ 11 am


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