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Ways to Get Involved

Education & Programming

The Educational & Program Committee is responsible for developing the Chapter’s annual program calendar, which includes scheduling relevant topics and facilitators to meet the needs of our diverse membership. The committee develops programs that respond to the educational needs of chapter members and others in the community, prepare and execute a plan for regular chapter programs, and work closely with other committees (Communications & Marketing, Ethics, IDEA, etc.) to promote these opportunities and elevate strategic priorities for the chapter and AFP Global.


The Membership Committee is responsible for the solicitation of new members for the Chapter and the renewal of current members. The Committee also maintains Chapter membership records and issues an accurate roster to the members at regular intervals and executes a membership retention plan. The Committee also develops a program to welcome new members and encourages their participation in chapter activities.


The Membership Committee also coordinates Chapter scholarship efforts, including notice of scholarship availability, processing scholarship applications and making recommendations regarding scholarship awards to the Chapter Board of Directors.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Committee is responsible for coordinating the preparation of all printed and digital materials to ensure consistency in use of logo, chapter name, presentation of chapter mission and goals; preparing regular newsletter articles and other communications to chapter members and prospects;  developing a list of local and regional media representatives; building relationships with members of the media; placing articles in chapter publications that will assist chapter members by keeping them informed on AFP International programs, policies and services; and ensuring email and snail mail distribution lists are kept current.

National Philanthropy Day

The National Philanthropy Day Committee is responsible for increasing public awareness of and participation in National Philanthropy Day, develop and execute a plan to promote and market the NPD event within the community, and facilitate annual AFP Philanthropy Awards luncheon.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (I.D.E.A.)

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee works to advance diversity as defined by AFP as seeking and achieving a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions, race, gender  and cultures, and upholds the idea that inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization’s mission; develops programs that respond to member needs and encourage the involvement of members in promoting diversity within their own organizations within the chapter and their own organizations; and works with other committees within the chapter to help identify areas to promote diversity and inclusiveness.

Be The Cause

The Be The Cause Committee educates chapter members about the activities of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy, conducts the chapter's Be The Cause Campaign, and provides recognition to chapter donors.


The Ethics Committee is responsible for educating members, vendors, local government officials, and the public about ethical issues and standards, the Code, and the AFP enforcement procedures in general; collaborate with the VP of Programming to devote at least one program or workshop each year to ethics education for AFP members; and advise presenters to include information about and examples of ethical practices in Chapter Program presentations, if and as appropriate.

Advanced Professional Development and Mentoring

The Advanced Professional Development and Mentoring Committee is responsible for gathering senior professionals who have a minimum of 10 years fundraising experience for networking opportunities and connecting prospective mentees with mentors.

Youth in Philanthropy

The Youth in Philanthropy Committee provides leadership and direction for the involvement of Youth in Philanthropy, develops Youth in Philanthropy programs for the chapter, works with the NPD Committee and the Awards Committee on awards for young philanthropists, and works with the Collegiate Chapter(s).

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